About me

Stijn Smeets

Psychologist and scientist. I am specialized in the social and emotional development of intellectually talented adolescents and adults. (MS in Psychology, KULeuven; PhD in Psychology, Vanderbilt University, USA). In my doctorate I researched determinants of happiness, thriving, fulfillment, social participation and success in cognitively talented individuals throughout life (Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth, a 40-year longitudinal study). I worked for Vanderbilt’s Programs for Talented Youth, Modesto (“Helping talented people attain happy and productive lives”; founder), CBO Nijmegen (Radboud Universiteit), Project Talent (KULeuven) and the Expert Unit Giftedness (PraxisP, KULeuven; co-founder)

Transspiritual monk. After my PhD, I continued studying existential self-development, using more delicate-empirical methods. Together with artistic researcher Elke van Campenhout I started a transspiritual practice center for experiential and artistic research about contemporary embodied philosophy and spirituality. Next to my work with people that reason well, I accompany palliative patients, their health care workers and their families (www.avondgloed.be).