For adults

Paintography. Unique artistic effect
Paintography by Victor Tongdee

As an adult that reasons and thinks easily and well, you don’t always make the best of your life. These are common challenges:

  • You have multiple talents, but you can’t develop all of them, and choosing is difficult.
  • In your past, you have adapted yourself to others, in search of a connection. You want this to change, but you don’t know how to change.
  • Everybody around you says you have a good and successful life. Your intuition tells you something else.
  • You live in your head, always thinking. You see all long term risks, and it paralyzes you.
  • You live at a distance from your body
  • You are disappointed and frustrated because you believe the world could have been different (and better)
  • You have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. Still you feel socially isolated

Together we explore for what holds you back. To paint a clear image of your inner world, I use techniques from western and eastern (embodied) philosophy, theater, performacne, improvisation, storytelling, martial arts, and music therapy.

The purpose of an existential accompaniment is to come to a deeper self-knowledge and self-awareness (cognitive, emotional, and physical), by making the unconscious conscious. We make an expedition through your inner landscape, we walk over mountain ridges, crawl through dark cages, drink from a new found source, encounter old friends, open forgotten dreams, en return more alive.

I am with you when you seek your way in, a friendly voice when you hesitate, a scout when you feel lost, an honest friend when your vision is blurred, a supporter when you enter the battle ground, and a ferryman when you want to return safely.

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